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Gigabit Internet AND TV Streaming service for $12/mo? Yes, Please

We (our family) have been using VNPT as our primary ISP for years. They are the largest ISP in Vietnam and generally we have been happy with their services. That rapidly changed during the last year.

Here’s my list of complaint with VNPT:

  • Unreliable Connection: constant disconnection and inability to access the CDNs of some of the most popular websites including Shopee, Facebook, TikTok (as of Mar 2023, only Shopee is still affected, and mostly during night time). This started to become a problem around Covid19 lockdown time, they probably had a customer base explosion and their infrastructure couldn’t keep up. I get it, but 2 years? Letting that lasting as long as it does is a clear sign of incompetency.
  • Website Blocking: so they have this habit of straight up disabling access to certain websites, completely without their customer’s consent. I don’t have a comprehensive list of blocked websites but it include most of the pornographic websites like Pornhub, Xvideos etc. which I guess can’t be helped because they were mandated by the government (FPT also blocks these). But they also block 2 websites that doesn’t serve any adult content at all: Medium (where most of the UX editorial articles reside), and most recently, Behance (where people come for UI showcases when Dribbble shots don’t cut it). Naturally, you can see why I, as an UI/UX Designer, would have a major problem with this. I don’t want to have running at startup just because I’m using a pussy ass ISP.
    Now to be clear, FPT doesn’t block Medium and Behance, I have checked. And yes, I am aware that the lawmakers who are responsible for these blocks are incompetent short-sighted pieces of shit but remember, it was us (the people), who allow these people to hold these positions. So in the end it’s essentially our fault. My expectation for government officials of a developing country like VN was already extremely low to begin with but…holy shit.
  • Shit Equipment: VNPT provided a 2-port modem on their first installation. Yep you read that right, 2-fucking-port excluding the WAN port. You can plug in a computer and a NAS and…that’s about it. You can of course phone up customer support and ask for a 4-port version, which I did, but com one. If they’re gonna cheap out on end users like that, what else are they cheaping out in the back? Perhaps that’s why their connection keeps going on and off intermittently. And also, the firmware on these modems though, holy shit I’ve probably haven’t seen such shitty software since the 90s, perhaps because they were probably made during that time. The UI and UX was straight up 90s-esque. They were ugly as shit and unintuitive to use. Took me way too long (and a lot of help from the WiFi community group on FB) to figure out which part do what. Who the fuck refer to port forwarding as ‘virtual server’ really?
    Anyway by the time I switched to FPT, the WebUI console of the VNPT modem has become completely inaccessible. Some kind of SSL error blocks access to it completely. I could probably phone up customer support for the 100th time and let them send another technician my way. But I’ve decided the next time I’m picking up the phone and calling them, it’d be for informing them that I’m dumping them.

For reference, for the same price I’m paying ($10/mo) I’m getting more or less the same speed (150Mbps) on FPT but with a free Android box and a subscription to their TV service FPT Play. (VNPT also has MyTV, but it doesn’t come with the internet package). This puts FPT values way above VNPT even for the base package. But things start to get interesting once you get to the next package tier. For an additional $2/mo, FPT buffs your downstream speed all the way to Gigabit! That’s absolutely crazy.

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I can download some stuffs at the same speed that I’m copying files from my local NAS now!
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