As you may know, I’m an avid Linux user. I still need to use Windows at work but I run Deepin Linux at home, so naturally I build my workflow around cross-platform tools. In this regards, the ElectronJS project had been a godsend. Likely half of my current workflow is made up of Electron powered apps: Figma, Zeplin, Fontbase, Gravit (before they sold out to Corel), Brackets, XMind just to name a few off the top of my head.

I recently discovered Bootstrap Studio, an excellent visual HTML/CSS editor that is also developed with Electron (though for some reason they weren’t listed on Electron’s website).

I spent 3 days learning my way around the app (would’ve taken less time if I was more familiar with Bootstrap, which I am now). To learn it I picked out a random PSD template called Arkenea (generously provided by Prashant Dwivedi)  and attempt to convert it to HTML using BS. The end result is pretty satisfactory IMO. I figure I should share it for those who might find it useful.

Original PSD (Dribbble)

Hope you guys like it, enjoy 😉