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Hey there,

I’m an UI/UX Designer currently based out of Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently working for an UK Software Outsourcing company.

I graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration at La Trobe University (HANU) but later went on to study graphic & web design at the venerable School of Visual Arts in New York.

After returning to Hanoi in 2011, I’ve worked with an advertising agency (Fifth iMedia), a Japanese mobile gaming giant (DeNA Co.,Ltd), before transitioning to my current position at NashTech Global in late 2018.

About Nam Vu

Product Designer • UX Analyst • Photographer • DevOps Engineer • Autodidact • Adventurer • Dreamer


There's a gotta be some kind of regulation in place to protect users from trash OS maker like this from putting trash policeware in their users' computers and violate their files without their consent.

About 6 months ago

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