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PhimHub – Private Movie Club

A fun little project created for a small movie fan groups that consists of me and my friend. Started as a simple wordpress site capable of  automatically fetching a movie/TVShow’s information from IMDB/TMDB public API (which worked!) and playing full length, subtittled movie streams (didn’t work…yet). However Google didn’t like that so I shut it down to comply with their rules, The site has now been transformed into a simple Jellyfin front end which somehow works even better than before

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Hakin’s Blog

My sister Hakin is a fairly well known photographer/book author/film director. I’ve been maintaining her website for around 9 years now. It started out as a simple non-responsive WP blog. I’ve recently given the site a facelift in late 2018 with the latest bells and whistles. Check it out.


Hakin’s Photo Portfolio

So my this is still my sister’s website, but just for the photo portfolio portion. She likes to keep her Photo Portfolio on a separate website so it’s easier to be sent to prospective client and scholarship funds.


UNIQ Store

UNIQ Store (aka ShopThaGa) is my attempt at making an e-commerce website. Based largely on the look and feel of Garena’s hugely successful e-commerce portal Shopee, the site spots a bright orange color scheme. UNIQ Store was built with WordPress & WooCommerce, which have great extendability at the expense of scalability.

Update Jun 2021: I’ve decided to permanently retire the site

Destroyer of the Galaxy

Destroyer of the Galaxy (D.O.G) is a combat puzzle game that our small team been working on for the past year or so. The game is expected to hit the App Store and Play Store some time in Q4 2018. This is a tentative website I created for the game (content is not ready yet, so some Lorem Ipsum text is still in there, but you can check out the live site using the link on the right. The site is fully responsive and uses the same intereactive particle system that appears in the game’s menu’s screen

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Moon Bridal Website

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Update Jun 2021: I’ve decided to permanently retire the site

NV Freebies

Nam Vu Freebies is a very simple asset sharing platform that I use to dump graphic assets that I process during my works, things that would otherwise go into the trashcan and lost forever, which is a waste since others may find their own uses for them. I say ‘process’, not ‘created’ because not all of them are my original works. Lots of them were just public images that I vectorized for my own use.