Keeping up with the latest tech/tools/terminology in the AI space is incredibly exhausting right now. It feels like every other week there’s a decade worth of development going on. I’ve never seen anything move at this speed since the dotcom era.

“Have you GPT it?” have officially replaced “Have you Google it?” when people ask each other any sort of question now (at least for those around me at least). And that is saying a lot. Anybody who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s remember how ‘Google’ became a verb. It took them a few years and it was already considered incredibly fast back then. GPT just did that in a matter of months.

There’s plenty of debate/discussion to be had regarding this tech of course, but for me I feel like those who rally against it are exactly like the traditional Xe Ôm driver before the arrival of ride hailing apps, or the radio operators before the rise of television, or the teachers of the past who organized protest against the use of calculator. Love it or hate it, it is something that will change world forever, and it’s here to stay.

Anybody remember when this tweet went viral just a few years back? Who’d think that less than 2 short years later it’s already changed. I often say to my friends that in addition to Googling, they need to list “prompt writing skill” in their resume as well. It often incites a laugh or a chuckle but I’m dead serious. You don’t want to take a backseat in this revolution unless you want to become obsolete.

Time for an update

Here’s a list of things that I believe will become obsolete in a year or even less:

  • Content writer/planner. Might have happened already.
  • Tour guides. Article.
  • Coders/Programmers. Not all of them of course, but only the outstanding ones will be left.
  • Renderers (as in V-ray, Redshift, Thea etc.). This one might be around for a while, but their days are numbered. Just look at this shit.
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