If you read my previous post about making a mason jar lamp all the way to the end, you know that I promised to make a goddamn chandelier out of the thing.

Well here it is.

I don’t have time to write a step by step this time, it’s very simple to be honest. You can visit my previous post about making the jar lamp, and then find an old chopping board, paint it, then hang a few of those bad boys on (in parallel)

If you care about power effeciency, you can use LEDs like in my original post. If you want to be fancy though, you can use Edison light bulbs with a dimmer to control the brightness, do keep in mind however, they are expensive. In my case here I use simple incandescent light bulb with the brightness turned way down (with a fan dimmer).

Don’t look too bad if you ask me.

PS: If you’re wandering what N.E.W mean, it’s No Electronics Weekend.


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