So I recently came across one of these neat little lamp thingy at one of the local novelty shop. They’re cute but their price tag ain’t, running something like 800k VND (around $39) for 3 of them. Granted of course their craftmanship is top notch, but being a cheapskate I still decided I’d try to make a knockoff from all the junks I have around the house


Final result.



Required stuffs: You gonna need a jar and a spare light socket + light bulb laying around. Preferably an Edison bulb but any thing could work really. Here I have a 4w LED light bulb which is probably a tad too bright for this particular jar.


Ok first grab a pair of compasses, use it to measure the circumference of the light socket, then draw it on the lid of the jar like so



Then use a throwaway knife and a hammer to perforate the lid, like so



Use a screwdriver and pull away the center part. Yes I realize there might be less peasantry ways to do this, but I make do with the tools that I have available



Try to fit the light socket in, yep, like a glove. You’re almost done, now there’s only 1 more sensible thing to do…



…that is of course, to spray paint the shit out of both the lid and the top part of the light socket. Because having matching color stuffs is important, and not peasantry at all


Making a simple mason jar lamp (no power tools)

Now just put everything together and you have your shitty little mason jar lamp. It may look only moderately pretty at first, but when you realize it costs close to 1/10th the price of the store-bought version, suddenly it looks like a frigging piece of art.


Whole thing costed like $3 lol


Next step: make a whole damn chandelier out of this stuff





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