So if you live in Vietnam and use Grab, you’re probably aware that they recently ditched GrabPay (their internal payment gateway) for a 3rd party, Vietnamese based solution. While that didn’t come as a surprise since they were pressured by our government for a while already, what did come as a surprise is their choice of provider: Moca.

I thought for sure they were misspelling Momo or something, as it stands they are the largest digital wallet app in Vietnam as we speak, and is an obvious choice if you’re looking for a service like that. Surely Grab, a multi billion dollar company wouldn’t choose a non established name right? But nah, they gonna go with Moca, a name most people have never even heard before in their life. But that’s ok, competition is always good for the end users, provided that the competition is, well, competitive. Let’s go ahead and check them out. A quick google search bring me to their homepage:
What the fuck is this shit? The English website is damn near empty, with nothing but an address and a Facebook Fan Page plugin. It’s amazing how that logo still managed to clip some of the minimal amount of content this page has
Ok that’s a little alarming. But surely you can’t judge a mobile app by the absolutely pitiful look of their desktop website. So let’s fire up Grab and check out the real thing:
Ok what the fuck is this shit? You ask me for my name, I enter my name, then you validate it as a motherfucking pin? What the living fuck is wrong with you? Hire a fucking UX person, hire a fucking QA team. You want to build a product, get a fucking team to build a product. Jesus fucking Christ.
Sorry for this rant again. I’m okay with beta software being buggy, I’m very much not ok with production software that millions people use on a daily basis being buggy.