Chat screen disabled while the app load latest message.
What the actual fuck, I just want to scroll up like 3 lines to copy a phone number that I forgot to jot down, motherfucker. Why I have to wait for the latest message to load?
• Instance of the app embedded in Franz or Station won’t be able to view full sized image unless you have Skype Web logged in AND get this, open in a tab in your browser! Who the stupid fuck thought it’s a good idea?


Toast message uses an arrows instead of the timeless cross symbol, holy motherfuckingshit, one of the biggest tech companies in the world and still couldn’t afford a single UX designer.
• If you use Windows 10 you know they come with a malware masquerading as an AV called Windows Defender. Since it’s an OS-bundled malware, it’s worse than other malwares in that it cannot be removed, only temporarily disabled. Just like their stupid motherfucking Update prompts (I guess, because I’ve never personally been bothered by one of those prompts before, but I’ve seen people raging about it on the Interwebs)

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