I’m an loyal person, once I use a service, I tend to stick with it, even if the service quality goes down, I’d tolerate it.

But there comes a time when man must put his foot down and say “That’s enough!”

So the last month I’ve decided to switch services for many things that I’ve used for a long time:

Mobile carrier:

I’ve been a faithful Mobifone user for as long as I have a cell phone, dating back all the way to 2005 I think when I got my first phone (a Motorola L7, I could still remember it vividly). But this month I’ve decided to switch to Viettel, they’ve come a long way, and is just better overall.

Internet Service Provider:

There aren’t really any different between the major ISPs here in Vietnam, every year they get pretty much the same amount of dreadful downtime. But recently, FPT was discovered to have shady pricing schemes with their customers, so now once again I’m sticking with Viettel as my main ISP.


I’m sure most of you can relate to this one, you use Vietcombank, realize their service is completely and utter shit, but you still have to use them anyway, because your company pays your salary through them. It’s a common issue, nobody likes them, but everybody uses them, so they don’t give a shit. They burden their customers with all kinds of bullshit fees, treating them as if they’re a burden. Well, this last month my company managed an incredible feat: breaking free from Vietcombank. (or as I’d like to call it, relieving 2000+ accounts from their burden).

We switched to HSBC because it’s convenient for my UK-based firm, but really, their internet banking is a completely different beast. I’ve never since that kind of UX since, well, kindergarten. But that’s a story for another day.

Remote Desktop:

Just by uttering the word Remote Desktop you probably would’ve guessed what I’ve been using for the last 10 years, yes it was TeamViewer, I’ve been using them ever since their first days, when nobody even know who they are. While I’ve never been a paid customer, I believe I’d paid my due by being a super active evangelist. I’ve installed TeamViewer for everyone I know who might need help, I’ve showed a handful of people how to use it. I played my part in building up the popularity that they have today, and what do I get in return?

A big FUCK YOU is what.

My account was flagged as a ‘potentially commercial account’, and connection time was limited to 30 seconds. Yes you read that right, 30 fucking seconds! Holy mother fucking shit

Luckily, like with all things in life, eventually something better will come along and kick the shit out of it. In this case, that thing is called “AnyDesk”. Not only does it work so much more reliably, it also doesn’t leave a fucking nagging message after every session. Seriously, that thing annoyed the shit out of me.