For those who hasn’t heard, Figma recently rolled out a new version which support plugins.

This is huge and I’ll tell you why.

As we all know, even now (2019) Sketch still has the largest market share among all the screen design tools, despite being behind in every aspects (platform dependency, speed, features etc.) except one: its plugin ecosystem, which is essentially the only thing that other tools hasn’t been able to catch up to Sketch.

Until now anyway.

Figma recently rolled out plugins on Wednesday, and it’s already taking over the community by storm. The plugin repository only contains handful of entries right now but it already massively expanded Figma’s functionality, and even fixing Figma’s own shortcomings in a couple of instances. Better yet, this repo is expected to massively grow in the future, especially as Figma overtake Sketch as the reigning champion.

Here’s a few favorites of mine:

-Autoflow: adding flows is one of those