So it’s been exactly 5 months since I last quit my old job, and I’ve yet to find a new one. Definitely did not think it’d be this tough to find a new job, I was over confident in my skills.
I’ve burned through the last of my unemployment check
My and my wife had burned through half of our savings trying to conceive a child (and bad coin investments).
So far all had been for naught, and we might need another 100 mil for IVF.
My dad still has kidney stones, might need surgery.
My mom’s leg is going bad, might need surgery. (Update: the diagnosis results came back, it is very possible my mom has lung cancer, just like my grandma. I wasn’t ready for this, but I have to)
If I don’t get a job some time this month, I’ll definitely be cutting into the rest of my saving.
I guess this is what you’d call rock bottom.
Is it time to abandon my passion as a graphic artist, and look for something else? Never thought this profession would be so treacherous, you get over 30 and suddenly you’re unwanted trash.
Is it time to abandon Hanoi? This backwater place has such an under developed industry that it appears to be content with operating without any decent graphic artist.