Trip to Myanmar (Photos)

These photos were taken on my second roadtrip across the United States back in 2010.

2010 Grand Canyon National Park. View from Angel’s Window, tip of the Cape Royal Trail

A derelict site near the Meteor Crater, AZ

The world renowned Delicate Arch from Arches National Park.

Not entirely sure where this shot was taken, probably Montana or Wyoming. Saw a lone horse chilling on the roadside of the interstate and took a shot from the car.

Grand Teton National Park. Our camp was in Yellowstone so we could only briefly stopped here for a few moments

A shot taken on the road to Glacier National Park, Montana

Gorgeous sunset over the Greenwood cementary (aka the City of the Dead) in New Orleans

Yet another sunrise shot, woke up at 4am and took a 30 mins hike to catch this amazing Sedona sunrise

A selfie I took (before selfies were a thing) at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park