(2018) Lợi Sữa Mộc Tiên

Lợi Sữa Mộc Tiên

Lợi sữa Mộc Tiên 100% thảo dược 2018 được kế thừa từ bài thuốc bắc Mộc Tiên ra đời năm 2017 đã được hơn 50 000 bà mẹ sử dụng và gọi sữa về thành công

Loi Sua Moc Tien is a medicinal tea product aimed at mothers who want to increase their breast milk production naturally. This product can be widely found on the Vietnamese version of Shopee and on BIBABO’s ecommerce platform

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The Logos


Here’s some real photos of the end product taken by the client. the print lab screwed up the background a little bit, duplicating the mountain, by the time we realize it, 3000 labels had been printed, so I guess this is how it’s supposed to look now 🙁