Logos Ideas 2020

As a designer, you’d often get asked by your friends and acquaintances for ‘small favors’ which mostly mean coming for 5-minute logos. Understandably, most senior designers hate this, I’m no exception.

But 2020 is a bizarre year, and like most people, I have a lot of spare 5-minute this year, which result in a few of these.

5-min logos aren’t given a lot of thought in term of brand direction and usability, rather they just need to be eye-catching and fit a very narrow range of use.

cover logos 2020

Bunbogu (文房具)

Japanese Stationery


Japanese - Korean import products
cover fujiwon2


Cosmetic Products (FujiWon's sub-brand)
cover lagumi
lagumi mockup
lagumi inspirations

Nash Torpedo

NashTech Gaming Clan
nash torpedo1440
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Final Team Promo Poster (Yes, I am aware the photo quality was shit, but it was taken with a cheap Android phone)
team image
Original Photo Sauce
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There's a gotta be some kind of regulation in place to protect users from trash OS maker like this from putting trash policeware in their users' computers and violate their files without their consent.

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