Logos Ideas 2020

As a designer, you’d often get asked by your friends and acquaintances for ‘small favors’ which mostly mean coming for 5-minute logos. Understandably, most senior designers hate this, I’m no exception.

But 2020 is a bizarre year, and like most people, I have a lot of spare 5-minute this year, which result in a few of these.

5-min logos aren’t given a lot of thought in term of brand direction and usability, rather they just need to be eye-catching and fit a very narrow range of use.

cover logos 2020

Bunbogu (文房具)

Japanese Stationery


Japanese - Korean import products
cover fujiwon2


Cosmetic Products (FujiWon's sub-brand)
cover lagumi
lagumi mockup
lagumi inspirations

Nash Torpedo

NashTech Gaming Clan
nash torpedo1440
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Final Team Promo Poster (Yes, I am aware the photo quality was shit, but it was taken with a cheap Android phone)
team image
Original Photo Sauce