• Had me unemployed for 5 months, luckily I’m fully employed now

• Had my mom hospitalized and diagnosed for lung cancer, plus she might have a serious condition with her legs that may prevent her from walking in a year or 2. Luckily the lung cancer thing was a false alarm.

• Had my dad hospitalized for anxiety issues, plus a severe case of shingles that almost took out his right eye. He barely even sleeps these days, living through constant pain on the right side of his head.

• Had my wife diagnosed for unicornuate uterus ,  a rare congenital uterine malformation that massively reduce her ability to get pregnant. And even if she did, the chance of miscarriage or stillborn is over 50%, we can’t have that.

My wife will never experience pregnancy.

We considered surrogate, but it’s mostly illegal in Vietnam (they only allow siblings to be surrogates, what the fuck? Vietnamese lawmakers at their best). Thailand also disallowed non-Thai citizens to use this service in their country, plus going that route will definitely bankrupt us. We still have so many projects we want to carry out.

2018 sucked, and 2019 is not looking any better.